The only one on the ship with sex appeal.


The coolest Wookiee you’ve ever seen walking down a populated street. Pretty spry at a mere 120 years old, this head-turning beast makes all the ladiezz, and even at least one man swoon with his smile. He takes really good care of his fur, complete with several braids from his head and beard. Unlike most Wookiees, he actually wears some clothing, though little more than a plain-looking tunic.. When in public, he is sure to wear a hood.

Not exactly the wisest of the bunch, he keeps doing stupid things to get enough credits to reestablish his status as a noble. That status he once had has unfortunately made him a mildly high-demand target for the Empire. Due to the issues constantly faced with his race, he is against the slavery that is usually unquestioned in the galaxy, and will do more stupid things to save slaves when it’s convenient to do so.

Currently bros with his species’ mortal enemy and quite suspicious of the cultist on board.


Born to a small-time noble family on Kashyyyk, and the first child of them, RRokkyun had to learn the ancient trade of proper etiquette. This made him one of the more educated citizens of the planet. One of the most important lessons he learned, though, was how to surpass speech barriers to get on people’s good side. With the vocal limitations of Wookiees, this was an important thing for all nobles to learn.

Puberty hit quite hard. He managed to fall into the wrong crowds. Informal parties and occasional recreational substance abuse caused him to nearly get disowned several times. His natural lack of subtlety did not help at all. Luckily for him, he was too charming for that.

When he finally reached adulthood and having to move out, he did so. A sizeable chunk of money was put in his account and invested appropriately for him on the hope that he would be responsible for when it became time for him to inherit his parents’ land. Predictably, this did not happen, and he enjoyed a solid 70 years of irresponsible hedonism, and the threat of transferring the land to his much less charming younger siblings kept on being stated, though never actually happened.

As the Separatists began to move on Kashyyyk, his parents grew worried about the prospect of war. By then RRokkyun had already been away from his home planet for the last few years, enjoying the underworld without really bothering to learn much about how it worked. When the massive droid and Trandoshan attacks on Kashyyyk began, something changed. RRokkyun actually began to care about what was going on. He watched the news and stayed in regular contact with his family to make sure they were okay. He cut down on partying, though still did with regular frequency.

Order 66. It finally happened. The Jedi had turned against the Republic, as so many suspected they would from the beginning. With the sheer number of Jedi that were still on the planet, it made sense that the planet was put under martial law. The Republic was reestablished as an Empire. It was all explained very well, but RRokkyun was worried about some aspects of the rhetoric. Concern continued to grow as talk of yet another Wookiee mass-slavery started. Shortly afterwards, he lost all contact with his family and old friends. He knew Core planets would soon be no longer safe, so he left in the direction of the Rim.

RRokkyun had no idea what to do. He decided to look in dark corners for any allies to get some sign of his family’s safety. The most he could find was confirmation that Wookiees were indeed being taken as slaves for the young Empire.

During his search, he learned that using his old credit chip was a bad idea. Two Imperial Army troopers found him in a hotel and brought him to a transport for questioning. He asked them several questions about what was going on and managed to get about as much knowledge as they had on the subject, which was mostly that he had a very large Imperial bounty. On their way to the station, he managed to grab the wheel and veer the vehicle to hit a building. After stumbling from the crash, he handed his credit chip to the nearest bum he could find, knowing he had to lose it and that someone in need could probably use it. He dusted himself as much as he could and hitched a ride with a crew he met earlier.

RRokkyun knew his ornate tunic would only make him an easy target, so he traded it in for a plain gray one with an optional hood. He kept meticulously grooming his fur because he hated the feel of it messy. Over the next 18 years, he lived live as low as he could, hopping planets or crews whenever it seemed a good idea, avoiding Imperials as much as possible, and schmoozing his way to mooching. Making friends in low places got him very far, though he was simply using each one.

One night, after someone spiked a drink with something particularly strong, he blacked out. He woke up hungover on a ship he would soon become quite familiar with. He listened to the angry crew talking about a gem of infinite value. RRokkyun knew full well that this rock and these people were the key to getting his status back, maybe even saving his family or entire species. He just had to sell the damn thing.


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